Two for One Night!

Two songs, one post. I’ve been saying for a minute that I was going to write about Hold Me Jesus. But then I came across Blessings as well. The two kind of go hand in hand for me, because both are encouragement when I’m feeling down.

This has been a stressful day! First there was stuff with work. Nothing we can’t handle, but stuff nonetheless. Then (while still dealing with that) I got a phone call from my mom saying that my grandmother may well be nearing the end of her time on earth. We have been praying for her suffering to end for a minute now, but that doesn’t make the end drawing near any easier.

All that said, what if God’s blessings DO come through raindrops, and His healing come through tears? What if trials of this life are His blessings in disguise? They are…

And Jesus HAS been king of my glory, won’t He be my prince of peace? Of course He will! He already is! If you know the story of how I got saved, you already understand.

For those of you who haven’t heard my testimony, here’s the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version, and how it ties directly to these two songs… Blessings says, “what if your healing comes through tears, what if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you’re here?” Well, I went through what felt like a thousand sleepless nights right before I got saved. And I cried, a lot. “Hold me Jesus, cause I’m shaking like a leaf, you have been king of my glory, won’t you be my prince of peace?” The morning I got saved, Jesus did hold me when I was shaking like a leaf. He hadn’t been king of my glory yet, but he was certainly my prince of peace. When I asked him to come into my heart, to forgive my sins, he gave me peace like I’d never known before.

These songs are special to me. They represent God’s ability to heal me when I need his help! I hope there are songs that are special to you as well. Shalom.


God’s Boat

In Noah’s day
God sent a storm
To wash away
The earthly form
But he sent Noah a boat

We all have storms
In life today
It is the norm
Or so they say
But God will send us a boat

If we trust Him
We needn’t fear
He’ll keep us safe
He’ll keep us near
Yes, God will send us a boat

Just look above
Jesus is there
He’ll save your soul
He’ll take your care
Oh, God has sent us a boat

*I just sat down to write, I wasn’t sure what, and this is what flowed out. My grandmother used to always say, “Look at Noah. When God sends you a storm, He’ll send you a boat to weather it.” Well, Jesus is our boat to weather the storms of life. If we simply rest in him, we will be kept safe from all the storms life can throw at us.*

Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored

Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I forget that I am a Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored child of God. I would do well to remember this all the time. We all would. As born-again Christians, we are all greatly blessed and highly favored. We don’t have to burn in Hell for all eternity! That in itself makes us greatly blessed and highly favored!

Today, however, I had NO trouble remembering that I am greatly blessed and highly favored. Today, I was given a gift, a book. This book is very valuable, at least to me. I described it, when it was given to me, as the second best gift any person had ever given me. And I pointed out that the BEST was the Bible I carry.

Of course, the VERY BEST gift I’ve ever been given was the gift Yeshua gave me. He is the one who died for me. He is the one who took my sins so I don’t have to pay for them. He is the one who gave me the gift of salvation.

I remember when I learned that Yeshua means savior. I remember when I learned that Immanuel means God with us. The more I learn about my King and His Kingdom, the more I realize how greatly blessed and highly favored I am.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has ever allowed God to work on me through you. You help me remember on good days and bad ones that I am greatly blessed and highly favored. And I hope you remember that you are too!

His Strength is Perfect

I am at the end of my rope. I can’t keep going like this. Something has to change. How many times have we all said this? I, for one, am there yet again. And yet I know that His Strength is Perfect!

I am so very glad that I no longer have to rely on my own strength to make it through the day. I am so grateful to my Lord that I can lean on Him, that His strength is indeed perfect! When I am weak, and I lean on my Lord, then I get to see what He’s made of.

When I can’t do “life” anymore, all I have to do is let Christ take my hand. All I have to do is trust that He will carry me through these trials. All I have to do is pray, knowing that he already knows what it is I need. He might not give me what I want, but he’s always given me everything I need.

Right now, I’m leaning on the perfect strength of my Lord. Because with what’s going on, I can’t do it on my own. Thanks be to God that because I know Yeshua, I know that I am loved, I am protected, and I am okay!

In Time, On Time, Every Time!

God is In Time, On Time, Every Time!

This afternoon, I was sitting under a pine tree praying. My phone rang at the exact moment I really needed some encouragement. It was a godly woman who offered me the exact encouragement I needed, and she could back it up with scripture. Ten minutes earlier, I wasn’t praying yet, well not about that thing anyway.

Last week, I was worried about being able to pay the bills. God provided what I needed to do that. I had also been asking Him for a blessing, that I might be able to make a purchase to replace something lost, and to be able to replace it before a certain date. On Friday, I got called in to work to help out. I made exactly 20 cents more than I needed for that purchase. (The purchase is scheduled to arrive by the date in question.)

Last month, just as I was getting really discouraged about something, God made someone stop by my house. She looked at me and said, “what’s wrong, you look like your dog just died.” I was under spiritual attack. God knew that I needed someone to teach me how to do spiritual warfare. He sent someone, just as I was getting really discouraged. Fifteen minutes earlier, and it wouldn’t have been bad enough to notice. Fifteen minutes later…who knows what might have happened.

I could keep going all night long about all the times God has been in time, on time, every time for me! And that’s just me. He’s in time, on time, every time for all his children. He’s in time, on time, every time all through the Bible too! For all of time, God’s been in time, on time, every time. And He always will be.

God on the Mountain, God in the Valley

I’m going through a valley right now. And God on the Mountain is the song that I’ve been singing all day long. Some of you know about the physical ailment I have. For those who don’t, I have Multiple Sclerosis. And it’s right now flaring up.

Yesterday, I had to take medication to lessen the symptoms enough that I could go to bed. Today started off okay enough, though a bit late. But, I thought it was going to be okay, just wear the old lady shoes, not the heels. Well, I was wrong. And it has been hard to focus on God through all the pain I’m in right now.But God is as much God in the valley as he is God on the mountain!

I’ve been tempted all day to take the benzodiazepine that I have a prescription for, that I know will relax me enough that it will ease the pain. But, I also know how addictive those are. And I just took one last night. I know my history with addiction. That’s not a road I’m willing to travel down again.

So, I will walk this valley with nothing but my Lord. And He is all I really need anyway. He is the Great Physician. He knows how much pain I can handle, whether its physical, or mental, or emotional, or spiritual. He knows. He’s leading me through this valley for a reason. The God on the mountain truly IS God in the valley!

The Potter Knows the Clay

When I first heard this song (The Potter Knows the Clay), it took me back in my mind to the night before I got saved.  I was on the phone with someone, and she said the potter knows the clay. The potter knows how much turning the clay can take. The potter knows how much heat the clay can take. I remember saying that night, “this clay is about to shatter.” And I was reassured that wouldn’t happen. But I remember thinking that sometimes the clay shatters in the kiln.

This song applies today too. The potter knows the clay. He is putting this clay through some major fire again. Now I’m reminded of a ceramics class I took many years ago. The first firing of clay is to set the shape. Then its glazed and re-fired. Sometimes potters have to do this multiple times to get the exact design they want. I’ve had to fire clay 3 times before in order to get the glaze right. And I’m an amateur, I’ve seen artists fire clay more times than that to get the glaze just perfect.

Today I had a panic attack. And the person who helped me deal with it said again, the potter knows the clay. This time, I knew the clay would be fine, and it was a reassurance to hear those words. (Okay, so honestly, it took a little while for the words to travel the about 18 inches from the ears to the heart.) Deliverance will come.

The potter is just glazing and firing the clay. He is making it the vessel He wants it to be.